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DJL Training Supports CET-Durham

Our Program Director, DeLisa Lee, is a member of CET's Industrial Advisory Board and a mentor to the Business Office Administration class. DeLisa provides guest speakers for CET classes and assemblies. You have been invited to this webpage because DeLisa believes you have something to offer CET.



The Center for Employment Training is a private, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to fighting poverty & dependence on public aid by making hands-on job training available to adults of all educational levels & backgrounds, but especially to those most in need and hardest to serve.

CET's Mission

CET was founded in 1967. The mission of CET, an economic and community development corporation, is to promote human development and education by providing people with marketable skills training and supportive services that contribute to self-sufficiency. Training Centers operate year-round, featuring open-entry, open-exit, competency-based training; there are no fixed "semesters."  Learn more...  

CET-Durham Courses

CET offers a variety of vocational training courses.  Enrollment is approximately 4-7 months. The students who will attend your presentation are taking classes in one of the following courses.


NE Central Durham

Located in NE Central Durham, CET trains and places in jobs, unemployed, low-income, and under-served persons of all ethnic backgrounds. 

CET-Durham Students

  • Low income

  • Displaced workers

  • Ages approximately 20-50

  • 99.9% African American

  • Many are just above the poverty threshold

  • 90% of students are female

  • Many students are single mothers on welfare

  • Most students live in NE Central Durham or other racially segregated areas

  • Received high school diploma or GED

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