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Get Googly
Get Googly

Get Googly With Google

Today’s workplace is ever changing. With more people working from various locations and different time zones, collaboration needs to be flexible and on-demand. Google Drive and its office productivity applications support both real-time and asynchronous collaboration. In this hands-on workshop, learners will learn the capability of Google Drive and its productivity applications and work within the Google Apps environment.

To ensure success in this course, learners should:

  • Be able to login to their Google account and access Google Plus
  • Bring a mobile device (or laptop) to class
  • Have Google Hangouts installed on their device

Course duration


3 hours

Course Target Audience

Target Audience

This class is designed for people in a variety of roles and fields who want to learn how to use Google's web-based applications for business and personal use.

Course skill level

Skill Level


Course Prerequisites


Learners should have a working knowledge using a browser to navigate the internet.

Learning Objectives

  • Work with folders and files in Google Drive
  • Create, edit, save, download, share and collaborate in Google Docs
  • Use Google calendar
  • Use Google Hangouts

Google Contacts

  • Adding a contact

  • Editing a contact

  • Saving a contact

Google Docs

  • Creating files

  • Renaming files

  • Editing files

  • Saving files

  • Opening files

  • Copying files

  • Downloading files

  • Deleting files

  • Sharing files

  • Moving files

  • Creating a file from a template

  • Collaborating in Docs
  • Creating Sheets

  • Creating Slides

Google Hangouts

  • Starting a Hangout

  • Joining a Hangout

  • Scheduling a Hangout

  • Hangouts vs Hangouts On Air

Google Drive

  • Creating folders

  • Organizing folders

  • Sorting folders

  • Moving folders

  • Sharing folders

  • Files shared with me

  • Renaming folders

  • Downloading folders

  • Mobile access

  • File storage

Google Calendar

  • Creating an entry

  • Editing an entry

  • Creating a recurring entry

  • Adding guests to an entry

  • Adding reminders to an entry

  • Creating a new calendar

  • Calendar settings

  • Sharing a calendar


Using Google Drive and Productivity Apps

In this class, learners will learn the capability of Google Drive and its productivity applications and work within the Google Apps environment.

Course duration


1 day

Course Target Audience

Target Audience

This class is designed for learners in a variety of roles and fields who have a basic knowledge of office-productivity applications and who want to be able to use Google Apps to create, manage, store, and share various types of files for personal or professional use.

This course is also designed for IT professionals who need familiarity with the Google Apps end-user environment to be effective as Google Cloud Services systems administrators or solutions developers in their organizations.

Course skill level

Skill Level

Novices to PowerUsers

Course Prerequisites


Learners should have end-user level skills with Microsoft Windows and any standard web browser. Best results are achieved by learners with prior experience with standard office productivity applications such as the Microsoft Office.

Course Outline

Getting Started 
  • Navigate Google Apps 
  • Communicate Using Gmail

Storing Documents Using Google Drive
  • Add Folders and Files 
  • Manage Folders and Files

Collaborating Using Google Docs, Slides, and Drawings 
  • Collaborate Using Google Docs
  • Collaborate Using Google Slides
  • Collaborate Using Google Drawings

Collaborating Using Google Sheets and Forms
  • Collaborate Using Google Sheets
  • Collaborate Using Google Forms

Communicating Using Google Hangouts
  • Communicate Using Hangout Conversations
  • Communicate Using Hangout Video Calls

Managing Schedules Using Google Calendar
  • Create Events
  • Customize Your Calendar
  • Create an Additional Calendar
  • Manage Tasks

Collaborating Using Google Sites
  • Create a Google Site
  • Edit a Google Site
  • Manage a Google Site

Course date


At your earliest convenience

Course delivery options

Delivery Options and Class Capacity

Classroom, seminar/demo, e-learning, live online

Course location


Your place of business


Follow Up Support

Technical helpdesk support (forum, video and onsite) is available upon request

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