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We customize our training to provide everything you need but nothing you don’t. Our training system is designed for the efficient delivery of live instructor-led training, mobile learning via webinars, and blended learning that combines traditional classroom learning and online resources and training tools. Value-added features and integrated solutions such as in-class and homework exercises, training manuals, certificates of completion, student portfolios, and social learning tools - are sure to fit your training budget and delivery requirements.


We offer three training plans for a truly customizable experience. Off-the-shelf training is great for competency-based training and certification exam preparation. Our a la carte training plan is perfect for clients who want to pick and choose specific topics to be covered in class. Project-based training is ideal for mission-oriented training where learners use your “live” documents from your business to practice and immediately apply new skills to your working files.  

Training materials are available outside of class times in our Learning Management System so that learners can continue to study and Q&A with our Subject Matter Experts after class.

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Class Features






Certification prep


A La Carte

Mix and match

your lessons



Customized training



Pre-assessments measure student knowledge before training. Post-assessments measure effectiveness of training.


Books and Handouts

Training materials are printed for class and made available online.



Lessons track student performance for reporting and analytics. 


Custom Content

Lessons can be tailored and courses customized to help you meet your training objectives.


Skill Builders

Instructors introduce these ungraded exercises immediately after concept discussions using detailed, step-by-step guidance.


Skill Sharpeners

These graded exercises provide additional hands-on practice with moderate assistance from the instructor.


Skill Challengers

Instructors use these exercises to test students’ skills by describing the correct results without providing specific instructions on how to achieve them. This exercise is graded.


Skill Masters

These are the most challenging exercises. Generic instructions are provided allowing students to use their skills and creativity to achieve the results they envision. This exercise is graded.



Instructor and students collaborate and improvise during a spontaneous application of the lesson.



Students can review the lessons covered in a class using step-by-step recordings of exercises.


Gradebooks & Transcripts

Quizzes and tests are graded electronically with feedback. Students can log in any time to print their grades and transcripts.


Certificates of Completion

Students receive printable, automatically generated certificates for achieving a particular level of competence.



Portfolios enable students to keep a record of their best work to showcase for instructors, managers, and job coaches.



Community Resources






Certification prep


A La Carte

Mix and match

your lessons



Customized training



Students meet and collaborate in groups. We support study groups, interest groups, class groups, and private groups.



These are online journals for sharing. DJL Training supports personal blogs, class blogs, and group blogs. 


Chat and Forums

Chat rooms allow students to exchange text messages in real time. Students post to forums for Q & A with their instructors and other Subject Matter Experts. 


Social Tools

Students can follow friends, news feeds, and blogs and can collaborate online.   



Calendars display scheduled courses, assignments, and group events for students and managers. Calendars can be exported to iCal format.  


Messaging and Email

DJL Training offers integrated email and SMS.


Digital Resources

We provide many kinds of resources, including, video, audio, HTML, PDF, Word files, and web links. 


Helpdesk Support

Our helpdesk technicians provide solutions to your problems. Video conferencing is integrated to provide on-demand support.


Reporting and Analytics

We offer a range of reports for managers, including enrollments, attendance, missing work, course completion, and more. View these as PDFs or export to CSV. 


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