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Sign up for individual Zoho apps or a Zoho bundle (recommended) using one of our affiliate links below. New customers get a free 1-hour online training session. In this session, we'll give you a tour of the Zoho product of your choice. This complimentary session can be attended by up to 10 of your registered Zoho users.

How long will it take to setup Zoho for my business?

Our best answer to this frequently asked question is, it depends on you. You see, our core competency is training. And our ideal Zoho client is someone who wants to learn how to setup and configure Zoho apps for their business. If you don't want to do it yourself, and you prefer to hire someone to setup Zoho for you, we will consider your request on a case-by-case basis.

DJL Training will help you:

  • Define your objectives
  • Set your priorities
  • Create your goals
  • Outline your steps (and show you how to complete them)
  • Monitor your progress
  • Answer your questions

DJL Training will hold your hand through the entire process during regularly scheduled video calls.


At the beginning of each call, you'll show us what you accomplished since the last call.


We will review your objectives, tell you about cool features, and based on your priorities, we will show you how to complete the next steps.


And at the end of each call, you will have the knowledge and tools to complete your next steps and we will schedule the next call.

Wrap up

Upon completion of your project, DJL Training will help you create a deployment plan for your team. We can also schedule team training at that time, if necessary.

*** HIDDEN ***

  • Zoho is an Indian multinational SaaS company  
  • Zoho Corp was founded in 1996
  • Zoho has always been privately funded and organically grown.
  • Zoho has 45M users in 180 countries
  • Offices in 7 locations
  • Global headquarters in Chennai, India, 
  • Corporate headquarters in Pleasanton, California.
  • Over 7,000 employees
  • Make 45+ web-based applications or business tools.
  • Software is web-based so it runs on Mac or PC
  • Mobile apps for iOS and Android
  • Software supports 26 languages
  • Zoho runs on Zoho

Partner ID: PU9697273

CRM Plus

A unified customer experience platform

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Finance Plus

A unified finance platform for business

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All the tools for work in one integrated suite

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Zoho One

Integrated suite of 45+ apps

See plan details...

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No. of apps

9 apps

6 apps

9 apps

40+ apps

Monthly Pricing Per User (Billed Annually)



10 users



per employee

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A business intelligence platform that provides useful insights about your business.

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Create, send, and track email campaigns that help you build a strong customer base. From beautiful email templates to an easy-to-use editor, and automation tools to real-time analytics.

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A multichannel approach to close deals the smart way using email, live chat, telephony, social media, and more!

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A multi-channel help desk that helps you prioritizes support requests and make customers.

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Plan, track, and collaborate on projects across teams to get things done.

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A mail client for sales people.


Engage website visitors and convert them into customers.

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Post content, interact with followers, and monitor conversations across social networks, from one place.

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Make informed decisions using feedback from surveys.


Intuitive online accounting software to track the health of your business.
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Collect payments online.
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Turn receipts into expense reports for quick approvals.


A centralized inventory management system for distributed sales channels like retail store, online shop, or marketplaces like Amazon or eBay.


Get paid faster with professional invoices that reflect your brand.

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Bill your customers on a recurring or subscription basis.


Quick and informal cloud-based messaging for better team communication.


Team collaboration software to organize your workplace communication, manage resources, and get things done.

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Securely hosted, ad-free email for your business.


Cloud-based web conferencing for demos and presentations.

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Cloud-based collaborative spreadsheet software that works like, and integrates with, Microsoft Excel.


Cloud-based presentation software that works like, and integrates with, Microsoft PowerPoint.


Cloud-based web-conferencing for delivery of online training. (In 2021, ShowTime will be replaced with TrainerCentral.)


Cloud-based word processing software that works like, and integrates with, Microsoft Word.


Create, collaborate, and share files in your cloud-based file management system.


Troubleshoot customer issues remotely for quick resolutions.


Manage large-scale meetings and events like conferences, trade shows, and product launches.

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Bigin (formerly Contact Manager)

Online contact management software that lets you organize contacts, tasks, and deals in one place.


Automate your scheduling and notification processes.


Build custom apps to run your business.


Break the information silos in your business by connecting your apps and automating business workflows.


Build forms for lead generation and customer engagement.

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Integrated marketing automation software for faster business growth.


Improve sales performance through gamification. As of December 2020, Motivator is part of CRM and no longer a separate application.

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A beautifully simple note-taking app to keep your life in order.


Optimize your web pages for engagement and conversion.


A central place to manage your employees, including managerial approvals, performance management, and more.

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Find new talent to grow your company. Designed for both in-house recruiters and staffing agencies.

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Sign documents digitally and request signatures.

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Quickly build professional websites.

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Project management for agile teams.


Securely store and manage your teams' passwords.

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DJL Training offers essential training for Zoho administrators and users. Select a course from our online catalog or tell us your requirements and we will design customized training to meet your business needs.

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