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We're Changing the Way Remote Learners Experience Live Online Training

What Sets Us Apart

⭐ MasterClasses

At DJL Training, we believe a virtual classroom should be more than a webinar with a whiteboard and breakout rooms. Our flagship training format is our MasterClass training. MasterClasses are conducted in our virtual classroom where each learner is assigned a virtual PC. MasterClass training replicates the immersive interactivity and hands-on nature found in traditional in-person classrooms. We have real-time visibility of all learners’ virtual computer screens simultaneously. 

We possess the capability to remotely access and control learners’ virtual computers, ensuring prompt and hands-on assistance directly to learners whenever needed. Essential elements, such as the presence of a live instructor, hands-on exercises, our dedicated team, and 2-way screen sharing, collectively form the cornerstone of our virtual classroom's success.

We Offer 7 Training Formats for Flexible Learning

⭐ MasterClass


Continuous Improvement

Flipped Classroom

Live Stream

Open Lab


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DJL Training is changing the way remote learners experience live online training

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Looking for the Perfect Online Training Partner?

Key Questions to Ask When Assessing Online Training Providers

Virtual Classroom Features

What is your learner-to-trainer ratio during training?


Our learner-to-trainer ratio is 10:1, meaning that for a class of 90 learners, we have an instructor supported by 9 class monitors and 1 class manager. This ensures personalized attention and support.

What technology infrastructure supports your virtual classroom experience?


Our virtual classroom experience extends beyond traditional webinars. We utilize cutting-edge technologies, hosting 100 virtual PCs on Windows Server, ensuring a robust and interactive learning environment.

Our employees are unable to download or install software on their work computers. Can you provide live hands-on training with exercise files and 2-way screen sharing that doesn't require any downloads?


Yes! Our MasterClasses offer live training with hands-on exercise files and 2-way screen sharing, ensuring that there's no need for any downloads. Your employees can access and participate in the training seamlessly in our virtual classroom without any software installations.

How do you ensure that the virtual classroom experience maintains a high level of learner engagement and interactivity?


We prioritize learner engagement through live instructors, interactive exercises, real-time support, and features like 2-way screen-sharing and open mics. This ensures that learners actively participate and stay engaged throughout the training.


Are open mics enabled during class for learners to ask questions?


For sure! We encourage interactive learning by allowing learners to open their mics at any time during the class, facilitating real-time questions and engagement.

Can the instructor display learners' screens to the class?


Yes! Our instructor can seamlessly share learners' screens with the entire class, promoting collaborative learning and group problem-solving.

Can the training team deliver content to learners' PCs during a class?


Affirmative! Our training team has the capability to push data, files, and websites directly to learners' virtual PCs during a class.

Can the training team simultaneously monitor the screens of all 90 learners during the class?


Most assuredly! Our virtual classroom provides the training team with a real-time thumbnail view of all 90 learners' screens during training. This feature ensures comprehensive monitoring and support.

Do you use breakout rooms during training?


We do! We use breakout rooms during our training sessions to provide an interactive and collaborative learning environment where learners can engage in group discussions, activities, and exercises, enhancing their understanding and retention of the material.

Administrative Matters

Can we schedule and start a virtual, live, hands-on Microsoft Excel class with as little as a 3-day lead time?


Absolutely! We've optimized our processes for efficiency, ensuring that you can schedule and start a virtual, live, hands-on Microsoft Excel class within just 3 days.

Can we periodically monitor the progress of a class-in-session?


You bet! Managers can access a livestream of the class, providing real-time visibility into the class' performance and progress through our Learning Management System.

Do you offer real-time attendance and evaluation reports?


We sure do! Our system generates attendance and evaluation reports online in real-time as learners sign in, providing managers with immediate and insightful data.

Do you provide marketing materials to advertise training to our employees?


Yes we do! We offer a range of marketing materials, including email announcements, reminders, and printable or downloadable flyers that you can easily distribute to your staff.

Can we access a calendar system that displays training availability for the next 12 months and allows for online scheduling?


Absolutely. We provide a link to our user-friendly training calendar, offering a clear overview of available training dates for the next 12 months. This feature allows you to easily select and schedule your desired classes online.

We may not be able to schedule full-day training sessions. Can we schedule half-day sessions?


By all means! While our most popular session duration is 6 hours, you have the flexibility to schedule training sessions in convenient 3-hour or 4-hour blocks. We are committed to accommodating your training requirements, allowing you to tailor your schedule to best suit your business needs, even if it's just for half a day.

We are a 24-hour operation. Do you offer live hands-on training for all shifts?


Positively! We understand the importance of accommodating various shift schedules. Our live hands-on training sessions are available for all shifts, ensuring that every member of your team has the opportunity to receive the training they need. This flexibility not only enhances the skillset of your employees, but also contributes to improved productivity and performance across all shifts.

What types of payment do you accept?


We accept all major credit cards, including American Express, Master Card, and VISA.

Learner Assistance

Can the training team chat with learners during sessions if they are not in sync with the instructor?


Yes indeed! Our training team actively monitors the class chat and proactively engages with learners through chat to assist those who may not be in sync with the instructor. This approach ensures that everyone can maintain seamless progress and receive immediate, real-time support during their training sessions.

Is there a private and discreet chat feature available for learners to ask questions during class?


Certainly! Our virtual classroom is equipped with a private chat feature, enabling learners to ask questions discreetly and receive personalized one-on-one assistance from the training team.

Can your training team take control of learners' virtual PC when necessary to assist learners?


We sure can! Our training team possesses the capability to intervene and take control of learners' virtual keyboard and mouse when needed. This ensures a smooth and guided learning experience during the training process.

Is the training team aware if a learner's virtual PC becomes inactive?


Yes we are! In the event that a learner's virtual PC becomes inactive, our system is designed to notify the training team immediately. This enables us to promptly reach out to learners to offer assistance and ensure minimal disruption to their training experience.

Do you have a built-in help system in your classes for learner support?


Yes we do! In addition to the class and private chat, our virtual classroom has a built-in help system, allowing learners to promptly submit questions and receive assistance from our dedicated training team.

Do books come with your training?


Certainly! Our comprehensive courses include an extensive eBook for each learner, equipped with advanced features such as bookmarking, highlighting, notetaking, word or phrase search, printing, and read-aloud capabilities.

Do you offer support for learners after the class has concluded?


Indeed we do! We strongly encourage learners to access our Learning Management System where they can post questions and seek clarifications even after the class has ended. Our dedicated training team is readily available to assist and provide ongoing support.

Can learners re-take a class free of charge?


Yes! Within seven months of completing a class, Encore Learners can retake a class through observational learning in a live stream experience. Learners have the option to follow along with the instructor's exercises by installing the required software and downloading the class exercise files. To ensure eligibility, the software version and training format must match the original class. 








Virtual Training

Learners login to our virtual classroom and virtual computer lab for live, synchronous, hands-on training with DJL Training instructors from virtually anywhere. 

Self-paced Training

Our asynchronous, self-paced training gives learners access to an on-demand training solution that uses the same course content as our live online instructor-led training. Training is available 24/7 allowing learners to pick the best time to learn. Learners follow step-by-step instructions to complete training exercises.

Mentored Training

Our mentored training is a blend between our virtual and self-paced training. Classes are asynchronous giving learners the flexibility to learn on their own schedule within certain timeframes. Mentored classes also include synchronous sessions for live interactive Q&A with the instructor.

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