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DJL Training can provide corporations comprehensive services that will leave no stone unturned in terms of increasing employee efficiency and productivity, resulting in a better bottom line. When corporations use our pre-assessment tools, they can guarantee their employees will receive the most appropriate training for their skill level(s). DJL Training can enhance employee computer use by bringing like-minded individuals into the same classroom, working on common documents or document types. During the training, learners will have opportunities to not only practice skills with stock exercises from their training manuals but also with live documents their department or team is currently developing. Our follow-up support will allow students to ask any lingering questions or request help if they encounter a problem.

Key Features and Benefits

Customized training to maximize ROI

  • Courses tailored to student skill level to enhance employee productivity and output 
  • High transfer of learning to increase efficiency 
  • Practice with employees’ “live” projects

Learning Management System

  • Easily generated certificates of completion to build employees’ credentials 
  • SCORM-Compliant 
  • Online resources available for consultation after courses conclude 
  • Accessible for users of varying skill levels 
  • Centralized location for instructors, administrators, and students to communicate and to share lesson material and resources outside the classroom

Technical helpdesk support

  • Continued learning via onsite visits, web meetings, and fellow employees' Q&A in online forums 
  • Decreased unproductive time because employees have a resource to answer questions and problem solve 
  • Increased self-sufficiency among employees who no longer need to ask managers for assistance 
  • Continuity of care and insights into future training needs

Deskside training

  • Personalized, individual assistance
  • Flexible and customized training for each student’s unique needs
  • Helps employees learn, grow, and master the training content
  • Offers immediate application of each lesson

Featured Higher Education Clients

Clients Corporate

Since we opened our doors in January 2010, we have conducted training for many clients. For some, we've held onsite training for a class of 8-12 or online training via webinar. And for others, we've offered individual training or a complimentary class. In every case, it has been our pleasure to meet the training needs of the following businesses and organizations.

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