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Hi. This is DeLisa. Thanks for visiting my intro email page. On this page you will find a simple message you can use to introduce me or DJL Training, as well as my ideal referrals and referral sources.  Thanks in advance for your consideration to refer me. 

Introduction Email

I prefer qualified email introductions. In other words, I like it when you ask the other person if they want to meet me... they say yes... then you introduce us. It takes longer up front, but it saves time in the end. :-)

Edit the message below as you see fit. If you would like a more tailored message for a particular audience, let me know. I will be happy to provide one.


Here is my contact info for your convenient copy and paste.

DeLisa Lee
Program Director
DJL Training, Inc.
(919) 627-7305


Hi ___,  

I'd like to introduce you to my friend DeLisa Lee, owner of DJL Training. DJL Training helps businesses increase their efficiency and productivity by providing customized computer training. DJL Training can offer unmatched customized computer training tailored to your unique needs. They offer traditional instructor-led classroom training, remote training, small group and individual training, and self-paced courses for everyone from novices to power users, young adults to seniors. Some of their most popular course topics include MS Word, MS Excel, and other MS Office Suite applications, but they also teach effective use of mobile apps and devices and Customer Relationship Management systems. And all of their training is supported by their online Helpdesk Support. 

If this is something you would be interested in learning more about, let me know. I'll be happy to introduce you to DeLisa. In the meanwhile, here is a link to her online course catalog.

How We Help Our Clients

Our clients appreciate...

  • Customized training to maximize ROI

  • Flexible scheduling and course offerings

  • Deskside training

  • Our technical helpdesk support

  • Personalized, individual assistance

  • Access to our Learning Management System

Small-med Business

  • Experienced trainers with knowledge of government systems and departments.
  • Courses designed specifically for the Government sector that are taught by current or former federal employees and contractors.
  • Onsite training to minimize time away from mission.
  • DJL Training is a veteran-owned business.


  • Training provided by a small business that understands methods for increasing speed and enhancing organization and processes.
  • Courses tailored to student skill level to enhance employee productivity and output.

Small-med Business
  • Flexible scheduling and course offerings.

    • Training provided by a small business that understands methods for increasing speed and enhancing organization and processes.

    • Onsite training to minimize time away from your growing business.


    • Customized job training solutions for under-served populations. 
    • Instructor-led classroom learning with hands-on practice exercises.

    Ideal Referrals and Referral Sources

    Companies I'd like to meet and why...

    Large businesses 

    DJL Training courses and programs are scalable. Their largest clients have about 2,000 employees.

    IT companies

    DJL Training works with IT companies to compliment their implementation efforts with customized computer training for their clients.

    Staffing agencies 

    DJL Training offers pre-assessments for your candidates to check their skill levels before you send them out on a job. They also support your candidates and new hires through their online helpdesk. This makes your candidates look good. (It makes you look good too!)

    Managers (of 4 or more)

    DJL Training trains teams of staff to help them work smarter, not harder, together.

    Chambers and other professional groups

    DJL Training offers complimentary lunch and learns sponsored by local businesses.

    Accredited Institutions

    DJL Training provides instructors to local educational and vocational training centers.

    Green Flags

    I'd like to meet people who say things like...

    • We just installed the latest version of Microsoft Office.
    • We just hired a bunch of new people.
    • We are about to lift a hiring freeze.
    • I wish I didn't have to send my staff out for training.
    • We invested in a new software program, but nobody knows how to use it.
    • I hate Excel.
    • We're moving everything to the cloud.

    Talking Points

    What to say to potential referrals...

    • Where do you send your staff for computer training?
    • Does your Helpdesk answer software questions?
    • My friend gave me a gift certificate for a complimentary training session. Would that interest you?
    • My friend’s company will come to you and provide customized training for your staff.

    How Can I Help You?

    Now it's your turn! Tell me whom you would like to meet, how you would like to be introduced, and send me a sample email so I can get started on sending you business!

    Thanks again,


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