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DJL Training is currently designing a 25,000sf 3D Training Center. DeLisa choose a modern industrial design so the training center will resemble the historic buildings in downtown Durham. She is working with an architect to create the 3D spaces and photo-realistic renditions. When it is all done, we will post a video tour of our new training center.

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Version 3

Jul 2021

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When DeLisa is waiting for someone to join an online meeting, we display this view outside of her office with her guest's name on the big screen. When her guest arrives, we press a button to open the office door and DeLisa welcomes her guest inside.

Here is Max in DeLisa's office doorway.

This is DeLisa's office. Sometimes, Max is in here with her. The computer and clock are real. We can control the lights and the blinds with the press of a button.

This is the main classroom DeLisa uses for virtual instructor-led training.

We use this space to provide coaching for up to 3 learners.

This is where DeLisa provides small group training for up to 6 learners.

During meal breaks, we display the DJL Training Cafe. The countdown shows learners how much time is left to the break. The food photos are DeLisa's family meals. If you look closely, you can see Max in one of the pictures.

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Version 2 (May 2021)

After making a bunch of changes to her office, DeLisa recorded another video. We really like the clipart look. We even like that the room "looks fake". It's funny to hear people say to DeLisa, "Where are you? Is that your real dog?"

After a while, there were a couple of assets that DeLisa did not have time to create in PowerPoint so we outsourced the work. For example, we hired a freelancer to create a water cooler for the break room. He did the work in 3D software and it looked great, but it did not match DeLisa's clipart spaces. It looked "too real". That's when we decided to replace the clipart images with 3D renditions.

DeLisa's office with Max

DeLisa's office with the flat screens lowered

Break room outside of DeLisa's office and conference room. The clocks on the wall are live and in sync with clocks around the world. The water cooler was the first asset we outsourced. It was the inspiration to hire an architect and go full 3D.

Conference room next to DeLisa's office. DeLisa created this water cooler in PowerPoint before we hire the architect.

Break room outside of office and conference room

Conference room next to DeLisa's office. DeLisa can change the picture of Max to another picture with the press of a button.

Version 1 (October 2020)

DeLisa created this video to share my virtual office with friends and family. It's kind of rough because she only spent a few hours creating it in PowerPoint. DeLisa used the office scene for meetings and to greet learners before a class.

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