Bulk Scheduling Classes


Do you need to request multiple training dates over multiple weeks or months for your organization? DJL Training welcomes the opportunity to meet your training needs and we are very happy to bulk schedule your classes using Google calendar.

Why do we use Google Calendar for bulk requests? Multiple requests from multiple customers, along with updates, and changes are very difficult to track by email. With Google Calendar, we have one place to track your requests, and you have one place to view our confirmations. A Gmail account is required in order to submit bulk requests. If you do not have a Google account, we will be happy to create one for your and send the login credentials to you.

Next steps:

  1. Use the Bulk Request form on this page to send us your Gmail address.
  2. We will share several calendars with you, including your request calendar.
  3. You are ready to start submitting bulk requests.

Shared calendars include:

  1. Our available training dates
  2. Our possible training dates
  3. Your request calendar
  4. Our confirmation calendar

Recommended Notification Settings

Click the three dot menu button next to the calendar name and select Settings and Sharing. Scroll down to General Notifications.

How to use your request calendar:

  1. Login to Google calendar and look for the request calendar that has been shared with you under My Calendars on the left.
  2. Observe available dates and holidays, and enter your requested training dates on your request calendar.
  3. Your account manager will be automatically notified by Google when you make entries on your request calendar.
  4. Depending on your notification settings, Google will notify you when your account manager has made an entry on your confirmation calendar.
  5. To view your requests and confirmations, login to Google calendar.
  6. Do not remove your request dates from the calendar after they have been confirmed unless you are canceling your request.

About Your Requests

Enter your request on your preferred date and time and provide the following information:

  1. Class name (EXC)
  2. Application version (16)
  3. Class level (L2)
  4. If multi-day, part (P2)
  5. If 3rd party, customer name
  6. If 3rd party, put the name of the book in the description field

Sample Request

About Our Confirmations

When we make a confirmation entry, it will appear side-by-side with your request entry. It will contain the same information you provided in your request.

Sample Confirmation

Admin Only - All Bulk Requests

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