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Part 3 of 3

PowerPoint 2019 ​Part 3

PowerPoint 2019 Part 3 is intended for learners who are experienced PowerPoint 2019 users and have a desire or need to advance their skills in working with some of the more advanced PowerPoint features. This course will cover connecting and broadcasting presentations, collaborating with others online, transporting presentations, and integrating with other office programs.

9 hours

Course ID: PPT19-P3

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Learning Modules

301: Connecting and Broadcasting Presentations *
For learners who wish to learn how to learn to link and embed small presentations to create a single large slide show, and broadcast presentations over the Internet. In this module, learners will learn how to connect multiple presentations, use object linking and embedding, and broadcast a presentation over the Internet. 
302: Collaborating with Others Online *

For learners who wish to learn how to use PowerPoint’s collaboration tools and the document-sharing services available from Microsoft. In this module, learners will learn how to send a presentation for review via email, attach, edit, review, and delete comments, view multiple presentations at once, combine presentations, and store, access, and edit files with Microsoft OneDrive and Office Online.
303: Transporting Presentations

For learners who wish to learn how to transport presentations from one computer to another computer. In this module, learners will learn how to package a presentation, transfer a presentation to a USB flash drive, use the PowerPoint Viewer, burn a presentation to a CD and prepare a meeting room. Learners will also learn how to setup the meeting room and prepare everything from the lights to the hardware and software. 
304: Integrating With Other Office Programs 
For learners who wish to learn how to integrate PowerPoint with other Microsoft Office applications and share presentation files with users of previous versions of PowerPoint. In this module, learners will learn about the significance of the PowerPoint 2016 and earlier file formats, how to save and open presentations in non-native file formats, and integrate the use of PowerPoint with Word, Excel, and Outlook.

* In order to complete this module, learners must login to a Microsoft ID 

Available Services

Available Services

The following services are available to ensure your learners' success!


Measure your learners' knowledge of course material before training

User Forums

Learners Q&A with their instructor in private user forums


Measure your learners' knowledge of course material after training

Certificate of Completion

Learners download a certificate upon successful completion of the course

Skill Builders

Immediately after the concept discussion, learners complete real-world exercises by following detailed, step-by-step guidance from the instructor

Skill Sharpeners

Learners complete additional in-class, hands-on exercises with moderate assistance from the instructor

Skill Challengers

In this graded exercise, the instructor tests learners’ skills by describing the correct results without providing specific instructions on how to achieve them

Skill Masters

In this graded exercise, learners demonstrate their skills and creativity to achieve the results they envision based on generic instructions

Micro Quizzes

Enhance the transfer of learning with micro quizzes designed to boost your training ROI

Video Conference

Learners interact with their instructor in live video

Open Lab

An instructor will answer learners' spontaneous software questions at your place of business

eLearning Content

Learners access eLearning content anytime, anywhere

Video Library

Learners access training videos anytime, anywhere

Deskside Support

Learners receive onsite follow-up support

Upon request, the instructor will sign a non-disclosure agreement so learners can open working files during training.

Delivery Options

Delivery Options

Let us help you choose the right delivery option to optimize your time and money.

Instructor-led Training

Traditional instructor-led hands-on training in a classroom setting.


Learners access our eLearning content anytime, anywhere.


Modules can be delivered seminar-style to maximize your class size and minimize employee downtime.

Live Online

Learners participate in real-time training via live video and audio feeds from the convenience of their desktops or tablets.

Deskside Training

Learners receive individual, personalized instruction at their desks to increase their productivity.

Upon request, the instructor will sign a non-disclosure agreement so learners can open working files during training.

Technical Info

Technical Information

In our Training Portal, learners access DJL Training laptops for live online hands-on training.

System Requirements

Learners' PCs should meet the following requirements: 

  • 2 GB of available hard disk space 
  • SVGA monitor at 1024 × 768 or higher resolution
  • A version of Windows support by Microsoft
  • The latest version of Chrome browser (preferred browser)

Dual Screens

For the best learning experience in our instructor-led training portal, we recommend learners use two screens for training.

  1. On the Remote Lab screen, learners will complete training exercises under the watchful eye of their instructor.
  2. On the Virtual Classroom screen, learners will see and hear their instructor as they follow the instructor's step-by-step directions. The virtual classroom screen can be a big screen in a conference room or a learner's second monitor.

Instructor-led Portal System Check

Our system check will check the readiness of your learners' browser, internet connectivity, screen resolution, microphone and camera. The test link will be provided to you prior to your class.

Training Manual

Recommended book - PPT16 Level 3 (LL)

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