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Small Business

We offer small-and medium-sized businesses similar training options as we do for government departments and larger corporations but on a smaller scale; our training packages are affordable and flexible to meet the unique training needs of companies with less than 20 employees. We understand first-hand the needs of small companies, and our Training Specialists enthusiastically work with you to customize your training options so they have maximum impact.

Key Features and Benefits

Training provided by a small business

  • Experienced educators who know the challenges of running a small business and methods for increasing speed and enhancing organization and processes 
  • Exceptional ability to customize training to your needs

Flexible scheduling and course offerings

  • Onsite teaching to minimize time away from your growing business 
  • Follow-up support via e-learning technology 
  • Courses taught based on students’ existing skills and unique need

Deskside training

  • Personalized, individual assistance 
  • Flexible and customized training for each student’s unique needs 
  • Helps employees learn, grow, and master the training content 
  • Offers immediate application of each lesson

Learning Management System

  • Online resources available for consultation after courses conclude 
  • Accessible for users of varying skill levels 
  • Centralized location for instructors, administrators, and students to communicate and to share lesson material and resources outside the classroom

Technical helpdesk support

  • Continued learning via onsite visits, web meetings, and fellow employees' Q&A in online forums 
  • Decreased unproductive time because employees have a resource to answer questions and problem solve 
  • Increased self-sufficiency among employees who no longer need to ask managers for assistance 
  • Continuity of care and insights into future training needs

Featured Small-med Business Clients

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Since we opened our doors in January 2010, we have conducted training for many clients. For some, we've held onsite training for a class of 8-12 or online training via webinar. And for others, we've offered individual training or a complimentary class. In every case, it has been our pleasure to meet the training needs of the following businesses and organizations.

Would you like to join our small-medium business client list? We would love to hear from you!

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