Hands-on Training via Webex  DEMO 

How to Join the TASK Screen

On this page, you'll find the TASK screen session number and password for your next training session.

To join a Webex Training session, you must:

  2. JOIN

For a smooth registration experience, be sure to follow steps 1-8 below.

Note: You must join the VIEW and TASK screens for the class.

Go to DJL Training's Webex page

Click this link > https://djltraining.webex.com

The page will open on a new tab

On the Webex page, enter the session number provided in the blue box below

Virtual Classroom Demo

Here is the session number

xxx xxx xxxx

Enter password

Here is the password


Click the Register button

You may have to scroll down to see the Register button.

Complete the registration form

Enter your contact info and click Register

Check your email

Sender: messenger@webex.com

Subject: You are registered for the training session: [TASK Screen]…

Join the session

You're in!

Open VIEW screen

Open the VIEW screen, if you haven't already. 

You need to open the VIEW screen and TASK screen for the class.

See VIEW screen directions

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