Hands-on Training via Webex  DEMO 

How to Join the VIEW Screen

On this page, you'll find the VIEW screen session number and password for your next Webex Training session.

For a smooth registration experience, be sure to follow steps 1-8 below.

Note: You must join the VIEW and TASK screens for the class.

Go to DJL Training's Webex page

Click this link > https://djltraining.webex.com

The page will open on a new tab

On the Webex page, enter the meeting number provided in the orange box below and click the Join button.

Virtual Classroom Demo

Here is the meeting number

xxx xxx xxxx

Download the Webex App

Click the blue button on the bottom left corner to install and join the meeting with the Webex desktop app.

If you join the session from a browser, you will encounter issues that your instructor will not be able to help you resolve. For example, you will not be able to change the layout of the screen. Video thumbnails of other attendees will cover the bottom of your screen. Your instructor will not be able to help you overcome these issues. 

For the best learning experience, do not use a browser to join the session. Download and use the desktop app instead.

Enter Password

The password is


Check Your Settings in the Preview Window

  • A. Edit your name as desired
  • B. Choose your preferred audio settings to interact in real time with your instructor during the class. 
    • You can use your computer (headset and speakers) for audio. 
    • Or you can use your telephone for audio. 
      • You can dial a Webex number or...
      • You can select "Call me", enter your phone number, and Webex will call you
  • C. Test your audio to make sure you and your instructor will be able to hear each other
  • D. Mute and unmute your mic as desired
  • E. Enable your webcam. (This is optional, unless otherwise stated in the class description)

Click Join Meeting

Observe VIEW screen message

If you join the session a few minutes early, you will see the VIEW screen message

If you join the class already in session, you will see your instructor's application window

Change Layout to Focus

Change the default layout from Grid to Focus

Click Layout in the top right corner and select Focus on the menu.

If you do not see a Layout button, you are not using the Webex desktop app.

If you see thumbnails at the bottom of your screen, you are not using the desktop app. This means you will have several challenges during the session and your instructor will not be able to help you overcome them. You should close the browser, join again, download the desktop app and use the app to attend the session.



In Focus view, your instructor's screen will be front and center

Lock Focus View

To lock the focused view on your instructor, click the lock icon next to the focused user's name and select the Host on the dropdown list. This will prevent the focus view from changing when attendees speak.

Open the TASK screen

Open the TASK screen, if you haven't already. 

You need to open the VIEW screen and TASK screen for the class.

See TASK screen directions

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